Why You Don’t Get Hired

In this competitive job market, hiring managers are very selective in who they choose to hire. A recent survey of insurance hiring managers uncovered the top 10 reasons people don’t get hired. If you have been applying and interviewing for positions in your field but are not receiving offers, you may want to consider the reasons below.


  1. Lack of understanding re: the job description. One thing was clear in this survey, employers are only hiring qualified candidates. Job seekers frustrate company recruiters when they apply to any, or in some cases, every job.
  2. Unclear resume. If a hiring manager can’t understand what you do or what position you applied for quickly, your resume isn’t effective. (TIP: Include your job title at the top with your name.)
  3. Poor attention to detail on the application. Errors in spelling and grammar, incomplete sentences or leaving sections blank will remove you from consideration. Many online application systems do not have spell check, and these are automatic red flags!
  4. Lack of research on the company. Do the research and be able to talk intelligently about the company you are applying to.
  5. Poor hygiene or dress. Many companies were surprised at how many qualified candidates came to interview with poor personal presentation. Again, this is an automatic red flag.
  6. Sloppy correspondence. A company emails you with some interview times; you pull out your smart phone and correspond like you’re talking to a buddy. Incomplete sentences, spelling, grammar and just plain bad email etiquette. Many applicants don’t respond in a timely manner. If your first impression is an email, make it great!
  7. Lack of excitement during the interview. Many employers mentioned that they want to see some “signs of life” when they interview you. Be positive, enthusiastic and engaging with the person interviewing.
  8. Late for the interview. Wow! The marketplace is way too competitive for this to happen. If you’re late for the interview, you are unreliable in the eyes of an employer.
  9. Not qualified for the position. Many employers mentioned this. Good rule of thumb: if you’re not qualified, don’t apply! If you are not sure if you qualify, research the company to see what they do and compare it to the skill sets you think the job requires.
  10. Dishonesty. Employers are just tired of lies, especially on resumes. If you are a job seeker and have been out of work for some time, don’t close the gap on your resume. Employers will eventually find out. Just be ready to explain your situation. TIP: No matter what you may have been through in your job search, keep everything positive. Don’t fall into the trap of talking badly about a former employer or your bad luck in finding new employment.

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